Buy Antminer A3 - The most powerful Siacoin (SC) miner is here!

Welcome to the unofficial Antminer A3 help & information site. On,
we'll teach you how to mine SC coin by buying the Antminer A3 (Sia Siacoin). We'll also teach you how to setup your Antminer A3 miner, set up a Siacoin wallet, transfer your Siacoin to another currency like BTC and other info on purchasing the Antminer A3!

Bitmain just released the most powerful and most advanced ASIC miner for the Blake(2b) Algorithm available to buy. This Antminer A3 will mine Siacoin (SC Sia Coin) at 815 GH/s±5%, or respectively 815,000 MH/s±5%.

The first Antminer A3 that hits the Siacoin pool will be earning around $600-800+USD/day. As difficulty rises, the earning potential will drop. Bitmain has sold around 20,000-30,000 Antminer A3 units which will cause a huge influx of the difficulty level for Siacoin. This is a good thing for the Siacoin network and those banking on its reality in the crypto market!

This site will help you learn anything about the Antminer A3, how to buy antminer A3 and how to operate it's mining operation.

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Antminer A3 - FAQs & Help Center

How to buy Antminer A3?

Learn about the best verified sources to buy the Antminer A3 without getting scammed or ripped off – We’ve been a victim of scams ourselves and will show you how and when to buy the Antminer A3

What is the profitability of the Antminer A3?

Profitability of the Antminer can vary from $100-800 dollars per day depending on your mining fees, energy consumption and the competition and difficulty for the Siacoin Pool. Learn more here!

How to start mining Siacoin?

Interested in mining Siacoin? We’ve got all the perfect answers to help you start mining your Siacoin today!  First, you’ll need a Miner, You can purchase an Antminer A3, or SC1 miner to get started!

What Is The Best Siacoin Mining Pool

Choosing the right Siacoin mining pools is one important thing you want to finalize before you begin Mining Siacoin. We’ll review the pros and cons of the top 4 Siacoin mining pools available right now!

How to exchange my (SC) Siacoin to Bitcoin?

You can exchange your Siacoin for other digital currencies by simply exchanging it on one of the most popular exchanges. Make sure you have a Binance account as they will trade Siacoin in the next coming months! Learn more about exchanging Siacoin here.

How to convert my Siacoin into USD or other currencies?

If you’re wanting to convert you Siacoin back into USD, or into Bitcoin or other digital currencies, you’ll need to first find an exchange that trades Siacoin, We prefer waiting to have an account on Binance. Then you can trade your Siacoin into USD via Coinbase. Learn more here

What is the best Siacoin Exchange?

You’ll need a reputable Siacoin exchange to start mining Siacoin and we’ve reviewed several Siacoin exchanges to uncover the very best option. The newest exchange to feature Siacoin will soon be Binance. Learn more about the best Siacoin exchanges here.

How to setup Antminer A3?

Learn about how to setup your Antminer A3 device. Learn about how to power the 11 PCIE connections and much more here. Don’t forget anything important or you could end up breaking your newly purchased Antminer A3!

How to set up my wallet with Antminer A3?

Before you begin mining Siacoin with the Antminer A3, you’ll want to ensure you have a proper wallet setup to accept the incoming Siacoin which you’ve successfully mined. Learn more about how to get a Siacoin wallet and connect to Antminer A3.

Siacoin Sia Coin (SC COIN) Price Prediction

Price is a huge factor in the Antminer A3 profitability, In this section, we’ll attempt to give our reasoning on why Siacoin could be the next largest investment opportunity in crypto. Learn more about our Siacoin price prediction!

Antminer A3 miner vs. Obelisk SC1 miner (Profitability & Comparison)

There are several ASIC mining devices available on the market and in this section, we’ll attempt to give a nonbiased comparison of the Antminer A3 miner vs. Obelisk SC1 miner.

Antminer A3 vs. DragonMint B52 Miner (Profitability & Comparison)

There are several ASIC mining devices available on the market and in this section, we’ll attempt to give a nonbiased comparison of the Antminer A3 miner vs. DragonMint B52 Miner.

DragonMint B52 vs. Obelisk SC1 Miner (Profitability & Comparison)

There are several ASIC mining devices available on the market and in this section, we’ll attempt to give a nonbiased comparison of the DragonMint B52 vs. Obelisk SC1 Miner.

Warning: If you’re looking to buy the Antminer A3, we hope you will be smart.  It’s important that all factors are considered when purchasing any antminer product, but especially the Antminer A3.

Things to consider when buying the Antminer A3

  • Can the site be trusted? It’s important that you ensure that the site can be trusted. We 100% recommend buying from eBay, or another reputable source like Amazon. These sites allow you to have protection whereas other sites may not give you any protection thus leaving a huge possibility for a scam. Any site that claims to accept bitcoin should be taken with a huge risk.
  • Will the difficulty rise too much by the time I receive the miner? This is another incredibly important question all Antminer A3 buyers must ask themselves.  When Bitmain opens a new batch at a cheaper price, it comes at a price.  The price of the increased difficulty when those miners are actually received and in hand.  If you receive your miners in the second or third batch months later, you can expect your miner will be making a LOT less.  We recommend buying sooner from eBay or Amazon at a slightly increased price if you can receive it IMMEDIATELY.  Then you can start mining when the difficulty is low. For example, if you mine with the Antminer A3, you can earn around $1500/month-$2500/month.  If you buy an Antminer A3 for $3000-4000, it could pay for itself before the next batch arrives and becomes worthless.
  • Will Siacoin rise? The other question to ask is if the coin value will rise.  In the case of Siacoin, it has actual utility and use in the world, this makes it’s potential much higher. It’s also important to note that the Antminer A3 currently only mines one coin – this could change in the future giving you the opportunity to mine more than 1 coin, which could be very good. The fact that Siacoin is at such a low price right now gives it huge opportunity to grow to over $1 in the future. Although this is speculation, it could happen. Some people online even claim it may go to $10 by the end of 2018. With the Antminer A3 mining over 1500-2000 Siacoin per day, this could be huge for those that got into the ASIC’s in the beginning, such as the Antminer A3 and Siacoin.

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